Something That You Should Know

I am not an expert on how to write a book review, what should be included or excluded. Should I give my opinion or just state the facts? Well, I have always been under the impression that if you really want to know the truth about something then you should check it out for yourself. I am not a reader who only reads certain genres or authors, I read everything that interests me (even if the interest is slight and passing). Some books I read simply because I love the author and they have yet to disappoint. Some books I read because the book I am waiting on is not available.  (I have a love/hate relationship with book series for this very reason. This is a new blog, so I’ve started with the book that I am currently reading, which is part of a series. I will eventually go back and review the previous books in the series, but that means I will have to re-read them so that they are fresh in my mind, it’s only fair for the potential reader and the author. If there is a bias or doubt, I will be upfront about it. If it is a book that I don’t like, or find that I’m disappointed with, I will share that as well with respect to the author and their hard work.  Why? Because, there really are some bad books out there. There really are books that I don’t like out there. It happens. As someone who aspires to be part of the published book world, I would love the same done for me. Ultimately, that is what matters. At least to me.  So look for the first review shortly.

Always Shine,



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