Brad Meltzer’s The 10th Justice

Brad Meltzer’s The Tenth Justice

I first heard of Brad Meltzer through his show “Decoded”. After watching an episode that dealt with the secrets of The Grove, I wanted to see what his books were like.

The Tenth Justice is a story of bad judgment, betrayal and ultimately mind games. Friendships are tested, sanity is questioned and one man finds himself digging a hole for himself and his career that he may not get out of. Four friends, who have moved to Washington to further their careers, find that their lives will soon be changed, for better and for worse.

Ben Addison lives with his three childhood friends in the political capital of the United States. He has landed a prestigious Supreme Court Clerkship with a feisty young lady who becomes a friend and a confidant.  When the wrong person hears information that is supposed to be confidential, Ben finds his rising star career heading for twists and turns he could never have imagined. His friends join him in his attempts to fix this mistake but soon Ben learns that not everyone close to him can be trusted. Ben is angry that he has been outsmarted and attempts to redeem himself. But this adventure asks more of him and his friends than he intended to give.

I couldn’t put this book down, each page captivated me as I tried to figure out what was going on and who was to be trusted.  Here is a peek into the life of the Supreme Court and the people that walk its halls.  Meltzer paid great attention to detail, which transformed this story from a simple novel into a glimpse at someone’s bad day that never seems to end. Reading the story, I forgot that Ben Addison was just a creation by an outstanding storyteller.

Ben goes on an emotional roller coaster as everything he once knew comes into question. He proves to be resourceful and a worthy adversary as he is forced to face the reality of his situation and learn who is to be trusted and who is not.

You can find out more about Brad Meltzer at His TV show “Decoded” airs Thursdays at 10pm on the History channel. The Inner Circle was released in January. He has written some non-fiction and some comic books. He is well-rounded author and storyteller.

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