I think it’s time to change things up a little bit

For anyone who has read any of my posts, you know that my posted reviews are in a traditional format. And if you have done some exploring, you may have noticed that current reads section not only tells you the book that I am currently reading (though it alphabetized it against my will) but also my progress through my book. I was looking at the notes that I had written while reading The Bride Collector and realized that a lot of them were not used for the actual reviews.For one reason, some of the thoughts that I had while reading didn’t really have anything to do with the actual book. They were just things that popped into my head as I was going through the story.

Not posting thought is a disservice to not only you, but to the author and to impact of reading, I love reading books that challenge convention or norms, that asks questions without providing answers. I love the way a writer can take something simple, something that we may encounter everyday and twist it into something completely different.  So I am going to post traditional-ish reviews, and I will still use my current reads to chart my progress through the book. But if a book is compelling and is altering my way of thinking about something I will explore that through a separate post, giving it the true attention that it deserves. Maybe, it will make an impact for you too.


Always Shine,



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