It’s the same sad love story told to us again.  A young girl, shy and unsure of herself. Her whole life is before her. A young man sent to her, finds himself in a downward spiral as he falls in love with her -the one he is meant to protect.  One night, one moment changes the course of their very existence together. But it’s not over.  At least not yet, Zachary failed his mission as a guardian angel to Miranda.  She has become something that they both thought was unredeemable.  But Zachary was given a second chance, which means that Miranda has one too. But the stakes are high and the cost is great if Zachary fails again.

We have all had someone that we were secretly in love with, and for the most part the worst thing that would happen is heartache. Which seems to be a very minor issue in Eternal. It is not surprising that people can relate to Miranda, we all have lost a part (if not all) of who we to become the person think we want to be. But once there, we discover – just as Miranda did – that maybe it’s not all that we dreamt it to be. She finally becomes a princess, someone that others definitely take notice of; some even respect her. It only cost a part of her soul.  Zachary blames himself for losing Miranda to the other side; he wanted to protect her, to keep her alive. But in the end he lost her. When he decides to be honest with himself he acknowledges that he broke the rules and intervened out of selfishness.

I have seen a lot of mixed up matches before, but never one like this. Zachary, the guardian angel trashes all of my ideas of what an angel is supposed to say and do. Frankly, in the beginning he kind of freaks me out. (Not a lot, but enough for my first thought to be “eww”). He watches over Miranda, more like a stalker than a guardian angel. Privacy seems to be foreign concept to him as well. Despite all of that, I still find myself wanting him to redeem himself. I want him to win his wings back and become the hero that he should have been in the cemetery.  I want to reunite with Miranda and for them to find a clause in the laws of fate and angels and be together in a less creepy kind of way.  I could write a whole book on the person, or the undead person, that Miranda has become.  But put simply, I want Miranda to wake up and be the strong person that simmers beneath her skin.

I guess I could tell you that I get all the things that I want for this dysfunctional couple (because truly that’s what they are). But the best thing I can suggest is that you grab the book, settle in and enjoy the journey and the surprises along the way.

Always Shine,



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