Last Sacrifice

              Rose Hathaway has protected her best friend Lissa when they were hiding from the school. She fought the Strigoi when they attacked the school. She has crossed country borders in order to keep a promise to someone that everyone else has given up on. She has trained to be a guardian, hoping that they allow stay by Lissa’s side. She’s strong, and strong-willed, opinionated and unable to keep her mouth shut when she knows that she should or to do things by the book, the way that they are traditionally done. Now she sits in a jail cell accused of murder. For all of the legitimate reasons she could have ended up in jail, she now stands accused of killing Queen Tatiana and must rely on her friends to help her. They have a plan that she is not aware of and when it is put into motion, she finds that she is able to help the people that matter the most, but she has to be willing to let them help her as well.

            This is the final book in the Vampire Academy series, though it is said it ends with a twist that no one could see coming. I have always enjoyed reading about Rose and Lissa’s adventures, mainly because they always seemed to be misadventures, despite the good intentions that were behind them.  Hathaway is a fun character to follow, you cringe when you know she’s about to do something that is risky because her risky is usually the difference between life and death. But you cheer when she makes it through her crazy stunts.

She has always been the one to come up with the crazy plans designed to rescue someone; the same crazy plans that tend to get her in trouble. But this time when it’s he turn to be rescued, you find yourself trying to figure out how she is going to get herself out of this one. It is surprising (in a good way) to discover that her friends are the ones that come to her rescue. It is not because they are not capable of rescuing her, it’s just that the roles are reversed this time. But everyone follows through with it.  The triangle that has formed wears on all three because no one is quite being honest with themselves or with each other. When it comes to matters of the heart, someone is bound to be hurt and no one is ever prepared for (even if they see it coming).

I can’t say that this was my favorite of the series, but that is because I can’t really choose just one. Each book works together to develop the characters and the story. Unlikely heroes come from everywhere; inner strength is discovered and nurtured in each character. Should you read this book? Not only should you definitely read this book, but the entire series is worth reading. Want to know more about this series and any of her other works, visit or find her on Facebook.

Always Shine,

Starr K.


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