Where have I been?

Some of you may be wondering where I have been? It may seem that I have forgotten some of the things that I said would be coming (a section on censorship, the sequel to My Very First Time etc..). I have not forgotten. I’ve just been reading and thinking of ways to spice up this blog or at least the reviews. I have also been trying to figure out which series I can actually complete since there are so many that I am about to start.  One of the new features that I will be putting in place is a rating system. Yes, I hope that my reviews let you  know how much I enjoyed the book (or how much I didn’t), but in case you want a quick snapshot I will be doing ratings.  it will probably follow the cover image and before the review actually starts. I think I want to use images and not stars, so I will be on the look out for that.  I am looking into the censorship issue, there really hasn’t been any interesting books that have caught the censorship flag that I know about so I will be hitting the internet highway to find some interesting books for that. (I may or may not read them, but either way I will definitely be highlighting those books).

Okay I am going to get back to reading House Divided and do my very best to finish it tonight,  and post the review for that as well as Pretties.

Till next time, don’t forget to

Always Shine,

Starr K.


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