Upcoming Books

I have finished Growing Up Amish and will post the review later today. I am almost finished with Girl in the Arena and will have that review ready by the end of the week. I am still reading Bite Me, but I’m going to be focusing on that (it really is a good book but hard to read when I’m hardly home). I will be focusing on that on my days off this week.  But there are so many books that I am looking forward to read that sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on what I have in hand.  So I thought I would do an upcoming reads post and you can tell me what you think.  Great idea I know! 🙂  Maybe I will make this a permanent thing?

Books I’m looking forward to:

 This is the last book in the Mercy Thompson series until 2013.





















Two more R. Liparulo books I’ve added to my collection!













Two more T. Downs books! These actually chronological, something that he doesn’t normally do with his books.
























These three are new to me authors, who others have recommended I read.

I’m really excited about these books, for the most part I know that the authors are amazing and something to look forward too. Yay!

So tell me what you think, especially if you’ve read any of these books. But please no spoilers!

Always Shine 

Starr K. 


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