Progress update

Hey guys!  I am sorry that I haven’t posted a review in a week, but the good news is that you will have three posted tomorrow! Yep, that’s right, I have finished not one, not two but three complete books in the span of a week. Sometimes I get into this groove of reading and reading that I get caught up in the story. The good thing about that is that it means that the books were deliciously good. I really enjoyed them, and they are all very different books. Two of them are YA books, a genre that fascinates me to no end with its growing creativity and depth.  The other is a Tim Downs book, which was not surprisingly very funny and enjoyable. For a man who is fascinated with bugs so much that he became an expert on them, Nick is not boring at all.  He even surprised me in this one.


Upcoming Reviews:

Nick is called in to help an old friend find out the truth behind her husband’s murder.  When the services of a dog team is requested, Nick immediately recommends and sends for Alena and her pack of dogs. What he never expects is that both women have fallen for him. Nick, in his typical Bug Man fashion, catches the bad guy, saves the day and now must face a different challenge; the challenge of the human heart.








  The sequel to Bite Me, is just as action-packed as the first. The challenges are getting tougher as Val discovers that not all vampires are out to destroy the world and not everything that she thought about her family is true.  But there is still danger and romance and a lot of opportunities for Lola to come out and play.









 Katla isn’t too happy about moving back to the coldest smallest town in Minnesota, and she’s not too happy about her mom moving on to some man who is definitely more boring than her dad. But the small town only gets weirder as she discovers family secrets and is given a gift that she doesn’t fully understand. But as she also discovers, things and people around her may be a little strange, but they’re really not that bad.








Okay, I am off to work on the reviews and some more for the original short fiction section! What have you read lately?


Always Shine,

Starr K.



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