Ends of the Earth

Ends of the Earth by Tim Downs

Bug Man Novel

Thomas Nelson – September 15, 2009


Facebook: yes

Rating: Loved it! Couldn’t put it down

Recommendation: Fans of save-the-world-at-last-minute action and fans of clueless and quirky heroes

Nick Polchak is back, and his love and knowledge of bugs comes with him. He is called to the site of a murder, recommended by the victim’s wife. Nick must use his knowledge and experience of bugs and murder to unravel the truth that surrounds the mystery of Michael’s death.  Katherine remembers working with Nick before and some old feelings resurface. When the need of a dog team arises, Nick immediately calls on Alena and her pack of dogs.  Alena has not forgotten how things ended between her and Nick the last time they worked together. Now the Bug Man is faced with the murder that points to threat of terrorism as well as two women who are vying for his attention.


What can I say? I am a huge Tim Downs fan, and there is yet to be a book of his that I don’t like. I have to say that I read this one a little bit faster than the other ones. But that was because I accidentally started reading the next one, Nick of Time, and realized that there was a lot that I had missed in the previous book.  And I have to say that I am not disappointed in going back to this one.  Yes, there was the possibility of a terrorist attack that the victim unknowingly becomes a part of. But as more bodies come to light, and other weird occurrences are explained, the closer Nick comes to closer to solving the mystery.

The terrorist whose plans Nick has yet to uncover are nothing compared to mystery of the two women who are obviously after Nick’s heart. He hates to admit it, but is forced to deal with the fact that he is no longer part of the insect species. Though he is not familiar with the swirl of emotions that are going on inside of him, he knows that it undoubtedly makes him part of the human race.  Though it would really be cliché to say that every book is an adventure, it would always be the truth. One of the main reasons that I like the Bug Man novels is that you can get so wrapped up in his world, though it’s informative of all things insects, they are more of a side note than a central character. Nick, on the other hand is full of quirks and flaws. He is filled with sarcasm and able to toss out a snarky comment that flusters or upsets the other characters, but the reader can’t help but laugh. There are certain things that have become Nickisms, and are expected in all of the novels. But they are never overdone and always have a way to sneak in.

If there is ever a time I am in need of an entomologist, I pray that I am lucky enough to encounter one like Nick. He’s got to be out there somewhere, right? If only the world was so lucky.


Always Shine,

Starr K.


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