Fang Me

Fang Me by Parker Blue

Demon Underground series book 3

Bell Bridge Books – March 14, 2011

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Rating: Loved it!

Recommendations: YA, Paranormal, action that involves meeting your destiny

            Val Shapiro is back, and this time she is not after vampires –she’s working for them. It’s not something she really wants to do, but she’s under contract until the Encyclopedia Magicka books are found and the Movement is able to come out publicly. But Val, the vampires and the Demon Underground are not the only ones who are looking for the books. A visitor, Trevor, from another state, claims that he is the keeper of the books. Val doesn’t trust him and does her best to give him the benefit of the doubt.  She is now searching for the books, trying to figure out what it is that Trevor is hading, fighting the unaffiliated vampires while doing her best to not give in to her temptation with Shade.



This is the third book in the series and it is perhaps my favorite. For lots of reasons, there is a depth in this one that was not present in the first two novels. It feels like Parker Blue has settled into this series and has found that comfortable groove where the characters have come to life and the story is a movie playing until it is captured. That is apparent in this one. Don’t get me wrong; I loved the first two books a lot, but this is so much better because of that groove feeling.

In this story, Val realizes that she has a lot more to lose; the strength, speed and intuition needed to slay vampires or eventually losing Shade. Shade knows what’s at risk for her if they give in to their emotions and impulses and has assured her that he is not in the relationship for that. But like most girls her age she doesn’t believe him; doesn’t believe that any guy would be willing to have a long relationship without getting physical. This is what is at stake, she doesn’t think it’s fair but has decided to do the mature thing and make a choice instead of running from it. A decision that shows how much she has grown. But her search for the books requires her to put off the decision and presents Val with another opportunity; a new path that she can take. So in the face of losing something big, Val also has the chance to gain something equally big (if not bigger). It’s funny, action-packed, and full of the “Val-isms” readers have come to love and so much more.


Her story doesn’t end with this book. There is another book expected in the Demon Underground series, but I am secretly hoping that there are more in the works. There is so much potential and room for growth in this series or a spin-off. Either way I am looking forward to see what the future has in store for Val Shapiro and the other characters of the Demon Underground.


Always Shine,

Starr K.

I received this complimentary galley from Netgalley. The  review is not required to be a positive one, but I assure you it is my honest opinion of the book. 



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