From the Editor’s Desk: July 21,2013


For Review: 

Panic by Lauren Oliver (Edelweiss)

Warrior by Ellen Oh (Edelweiss)

Univited by Sophie  Jordan (Edelweiss)

Her dark Curiosity by Megan Shepard (Edelweiss)

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White(Edelweiss)

Seven For a Secret by Lyndsay Faye (Penguin First Reads)

The New Orleans Way by Liz Newman (author)

 From the Library:

11/22/63 by Stephen King




 Literature Circles by Harvey Daniels

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit


There is still one book I’m waiting on that should have been here by now….. we shall see.

What I am Reading:

Currently, I am still reading The Passage. I am almost finished with the second part of the group read for The Dragon’s Path  and will start on the third part tomorrow. These are chunky books so I sometimes get distracted and pick up other books. I have tried to focus or pick up reads that are short and relatively quick. I finished up The Old African  by Julius Lester and Saga Volume 2 (review to come soon).  The plan for today (the end of my reading week) is to read as much of The Passage as possible, so I can focus on a couple of review books and somewhat feel like I’m making progress in my reading, lol. The final anthology I will read for July (and it may well go into August) is Epic Legends of Fantasy edited by John Joseph Adams. These are not short quick reads- they are in fact mini-epics, by big names such as Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, N.K. Jemison and Patrick Rothfuss….just to name a few. (So, in case you’re counting that is three books that I am reading that are well over 500 pages each.)

What I will be reading: 

This week I plan on reading Grim Company by Luke Scull and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (challenge book).  If I finish those and The Passage I will also read The New Orleans Way by Liz Newman. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic!

What I wish I was reading:

On the upside, all of the books that I am reading are great books, otherwise I’d be moaning that it’s taking too long. But because they are not fast reads, my schedule has been delayed. So that means, I still haven’t gotten to Finn Finnegan or Griffin’s Storm. Two books that keep getting pushed back and back and back. But no matter what they are on the pile for next week. I won’t have reviews or challenge books that are immediately due.  And I would like to get them in BEFORE I start reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Oh, don’t worry there are definitely more books that I wish that I was reading right now, but that list is much longer than it makes sense to type out.

August’s Theme:

Okay, so I am not sure how well themes work out for me. I was excited about doing monthly themes and was really excited about working through some anthologies. Until it came time to actually do it. -Go Figure. Well, I am going to give it another go, and this time it’s not just for me. School will be starting soon, and along with that the book club I lead at Foster Elementary will be starting soon too. So I will be focusing on children’s books in August, building up a selection of books that I’ve read and would recommend for the book club. I would ask for suggestions, but I’ve already got a stack that keeps growing.

Well, that’s all for me. Leave a link or comment and tell me what your reading plans are!

Always Shine.


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