Weekly Progress (2)

Yes, I know that I said that I would become more consistent and post more regularly. I honestly tired. But classes started last week and I have vowed to turn everything in as early as possible, to avoid those late night typing sessions. Because at that point I just don’t care. So I have been working hard on reading and completing things ahead of time. And in the even that there is a little bit of free time, I read . I am currently in the middle of The Shining  by Stephen King and Seven for a Secret  by Lyndsay Faye. I have been focusing on SFAS since it is a review book. I am about halfway through and I really hope that I can finish it soon. There are moments where I get really into it and other moments where it is a little dry. It may be simply the time that I am reading it since most of the reading is done at night. 


I hope to get some reviews posted this week, since I am spending more time right in front of the computer that might just happen. Typing up reviews is always a nice distraction from classwork. I guess that’s it for now. 

Oh today was the first day at the after school program that I work at, and I am optimistic. If nothing else it will help me when I begin teaching full-time.

Keep Reading! 



Always Shine!


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