The Outsiders by S. E. HInton

Normally I would do a formal review, but I literally just closed the book and all of my thoughts have not settled. I will be discussing this with an after school student of mine, and parts of that discussion may end up here and it may not. This was not something that I set out to even review, but this was truly a great read and one that may not always get the attention it deserves since it is a classic. The story is relevant today, as much- if not more than when it was originally written.


Wow. That is all that I can really say about this book right now. I am really impressed and amazed that Hinton worked on this while in high school.  I am not saying that I have not read books that I have enjoyed recently. I have actually been a roll of awesome books lately. But there is something about this book, this story. It is clearly dated by the language, the references, the clothing and the setting. But this is also a story that transcends time and social status. The only thing that truly saddens me is the length of time that it has taken me to read it. I do not remember this being a part of my school curriculum, high school or middle, but I definitely believe that it should be.


Always Shine!


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