Where I have been and what have I been reading

Hey guys! I wanted to check in, I know that it’s been a while. This weekend I went to my niece’s cheerleading competition and then I was a chaperone for a field trip the next day for her class. Honestly, things have begun to get a bit hectic with school and everything. But I am still here and I still have good intentions with this blog. (Doesn’t everyone?)  I have been reading. I finished Touching Spirit Bear and I am almost finished with The Shining. I am also about halfway through with Grace in the Maybe.  I have also been keeping up with my schoolwork. Besides normal school assignments, I have been doing classroom observations and trying to get ready for some tests that I have to take (so I can bypass some classes).


Well, this week is Thanksgiving. I wanted to get homework finished before Thursday, so I would be able to maybe get some reviews posted. That didn’t happen, but there is 2 1/2 weeks left of classes so I will get through that and focus on reviews when I’m finished.

I hope you have an awesome holiday!

Always Shine.


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