Mini-Review Mondays (1)

I decided to start doing mini reviews of books that I read that were not given to me to review. I want to focus on the review pile for the full length reviews, but occasionally there may be a book that I encounter that is worth bring attention to. And of course, there may be books that I read that I don’t want to say anything more than I liked it or I didn’t.

Yes, I know that this is the first time for this and I blew by completely forgetting about it. But, it’s just a little late.


The Shining by Stephen King- I finished this a while back and debated on writing a review of it. But honestly, it’s Stephen King, either you like the book or you don’t. It’s not that he is so great he doesn’t need to be critiqued. I’m not qualified to really go into the details of his talent. I enjoyed The Shining, and if it wasn’t for a huge reading pile, I probably would have sank my teeth into another King book immediately.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan- This was a quick read and I really enjoyed it. I am not sure why Lois Duncan is not on the classics list, but she should be. She was doing YA suspense before it was trending, and she was doing it well. Not surprisingly, the book was so much better than the movie.



Celtic Moon by Jan Delima-  I remember cracking the cover open “just to see” and then not being able to stop reading. I will definitely be looking forward to the next one.

Well, That’s it for the first Mini-Review Monday! Next week, I am sure it will at least be on time. 🙂

Always Shine!



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