Mini Review Monday (2)

Mini Review Monday (2)

I decided to start doing mini reviews of books that I read but didn’t want to write a full review. I want to focus on the review pile for the full length reviews, but occasionally there may be a book that I encounter that is worth bring attention to. And of course, there may be books that I read that I don’t want to say anything more than I liked it or I didn’t. This will be a meme that pops up when I have a few books to share, so it may be monthly or bi-weekly depending on reading progress.

 To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee- This was actually my favorite book of 2013. It is not often that I come up with one book that is my favorite. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t read any amazing reads in 2013, I read quite a few. There was just something about it, and I wish that I could narrow it down and be specific. Unfortunately, the best that I can do is recommend that you read it and share it.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties by Sigmund Brouwer- I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I have to admit that my guess as to who done it was wrong. (But that is only because I got the character’s backstory mixed up). The characters were well-developed and I lost myself in the story. Brouwer is not an author that I hear a lot about, but so far I have really enjoyed every book that I’ve picked up by him.

Bite Me! (Bite Me, #1)

Bite Me by Melissa Francis-This was a pretty quick read. It was cute and I really liked AJ. I thought at first that she would be a whiny teen vampire. But there was depth to her. Yes, she did some incredibly stupid things. Yes, she probably should have known better. But, that is really a perspective from the outside looking in. Getting into her head a little makes her actions a little more understandable.

Love Sucks! (Bite Me, #2)

Love Sucks by Melissa Francis- Wow! I picked this up as soon as I finished with Bite Me and I am so happy that I did. This was a fun sequel. Again, there was the teenage vampire drama. But it was still cute. I still laughed. This was another quick read. Did everything come to nice clean ending? Is there room for the story to grow? Absolutely! But… yes there is a but. I want to read more about AJ, Ryan and the rest of the family.  But I will be completely happy if this is the end of the story. Not everything has to explained, as a reader I can live with imagining my own ever after for this story. I am not saying that if a third one comes out I won’t read it. I will, but I will more disappointed if it takes away from the first two. Because at this point, there is a chance that Francis can beat a dead horse. This is the kind of story that is better to stop while you’re ahead because it’s good, but if it goes on for too much longer it becomes annoying.

Always Shine!


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