Sunday Share (5)


Well. This is late, and it’s better than not doing it at all. I did get some books this week, but I am not sure which was last week’s and which was from this week’s because umm… I started cleaning and they were put up. I do know that I received these this week:

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7) (Image is from Goodreads)

The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (The Govenor Trilogy #2)

(Image from Goodreads)

I wanted to do a monthly check-in. But, I just finished working on a homework assignment and I am ready for some sleep. Tomorrow is a new week and I have made a decision to not carry work over so..

I did finish reading Uglies  for my school project. I loved it, and will probably finish the series (including Extras this time). I don’t think that I will be selecting focus books this month. I read half of what I had listed, and the other books read in January were either library books or book borrowed from  friend. Since I am still working through those stacks, I’ll wait and see how February’s reading goes.

What I’m Reading: 

I am currently reading  Wish Me Tomorrow  by Karen Rock. So far, I love it. I’m also reading Red Rising, and while I’ve heard that it’s amazing and awesome, I am still at the beginning so it’s good but I haven’t made it that far in yet.

What I will be Reading:

Well, I have two double reviews coming up. Next week I will be doing a double review of Darby Karchut’s Finn and Gideon books. If you are looking for something awesome, you should check her out. I will be reading and doing a double review of Dick Wolf’s first two Fisk novels the week after next.

Reading Stats:

Books completed to date: 11

Netgalley Challenge Titles: Red Rising

*If I am able to continue to read 11 books a month I will have surpassed my goal!

What are you reading?

Is there a particular book that I need to get my hands on?

Tell  me in the comments!

Always Shine


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