Sunday Share (7)


First, I want to apologize, my last share was kind of a rush job and wasn’t my best. It wasn’t my worst either (those are the ones I forget about altogether). n  My second apology is for the fact that I had two reviews and a Mini-Review Monday that I forgot to post.  I have been trying to stay on top of my intensive readings and regular class readings.. so. But in three weeks I will be down to just 1 regular class.  Anyway here are my beauties:

For Review:

Thanks to Entangled and Netgalley!


For Fun:


For Research:


Well, that’s all that I got. And I don’t think I will be rushing out to get anything else because I already have enough to read and I’m trying really hard to save money.

Currently Reading: 

Well, so far I haven’t been too happy with what I’ve been reading.  I started Two Boys Kissing and couldn’t get into it. Then I picked up  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and was very disappointed in it. I liked it in the beginning but in the end the main character was weak and the story fell flat. I picked up  Reconstructing Amelia, a book that I had been looking forward to, but has been a battle of almost but not quite. I am too far into it to not finish it, but I am taking a break from it. I am currently reading  The Intercept, a book that was given to me for review along with the second one. I am liking it so far. Since most of my reading is down in between class readings, I need something that I can pick up and get straight into. The Intercept seems to be that kind of book.  Once I finish the stack of borrowed books, I will probably focus on series reading. I have gotten a lot of book 3 and 4 books for review. Then there are the series out of my own collection that I want to get to. We shall see. 

Upcoming Books:

There are quite a few books that I am looking forward to, like Divergent. I hope to have the entire series read before the movie comes out. But in the meantime, I am looking forward to reading Scorch  and Shadowspell. Those two are book 2 in series that I’ve started from my borrowed stack. They were quick fun reads and hopefully, will get me out of this bleh streak of books. Also there’s The Kelpie,  a book that came recommended to me via Darby Karchut-so I know it’s good.


Book Stats:

Books completed to date: 17

Challenge Books completed to date: 2 (Netgalley/Edelweiss)


Always Shine!


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