Lit Love Event– First Time Ever!!!!!


Okay so if you  know me then you  know that I love reading. You also know that I love to help people fall in love with literature. So I have decided to make this an event that needs to be celebrated.

There is a prize!!!

I wanted to pick a color that could always be associated with literacy, but. I’ve seen blue, green and variations in between that was supposed to represent literacy. I also looked to see if there was a ribbon color that wasn’t  being used already. Let’s just say that they were all taken, unless I wanted to make it complicated such as purple with blue stripes

Let’s keep it simple.

Wear something purple while reading a book- ANY BOOK!!!  Preferably one that you love.

Send me that picture!

You will then be entered into a drawing for $25.00!

3 ways you  can send it to me:

(if you are under  18 or entering your child, please send me the info for the parent/guardian)

1. email: subject : Lit Love Event 2014

2. Twitter: @SKLiteratipress




Contest is currently open and  closes April 12, 2014 at midnight. 

All Pictures will be displayed on Facebook and here on this blog, as well as on Twitter. So, keep it clean! (I reserve the right to delete inappropriate pictures).

Let’s show the world how awesome reading can be!

Have fun!

Be creative!


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