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Okay so this is how I’ve been feeling about reading lately and in turn blogging.   I was reading Archetype by M.D. Waters, but it was slow going,  I can’t say it was because the book was boring or that I didn’t like it-far from it. It is an excellent story. Though I’ve moved it to my To-Read shelf, I will probably continue to read it in the background of whatever I focus my reading on now.

I often feel bad because I seem to enjoy reading books that I randomly pick up more than the books that I have for review. I feel that I am failing the authors that have allowed me the privilege of reading their works before it hits the shelves of the public.   Why is that? I haven’t figured it all out, but I guess I feel more pressure for review books than pleasure books. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Why is it that even now I am resisting the urge to stop this post so I can dive back into The Fault in Our Stars but I am completely okay with putting aside Archetype, when the only difference is that one is a review book and one is not? They are both well-written.  Archetype is engaging and intriguing and though I am not currently reading it, I am still trying to unravel the mystery that is Emma? The Fault in Our Stars is entertaining, but I can’t say that I am invested in the story, it’s a pretty nice escape.  Is it simply that it is summer and my mind is looking for an escape?

But it is not just my reading that has taken a break. It’s the effort of typing up reviews, I have a slew of them written and ready to go. But, when it comes time to work on the blog, something pops up. Now, some of the things that pop up are important, work on my own secret WIP, sleep, and other life interruptions.  But sometimes it’s simply that I don’t want to-it is almost like work.  For instance I finished reading The Execution and started writing the review. But then I got stuck trying to decide on what was too much to say (my complaint with the book comes with the ending). It is much easier to avoid working on it than it is to figure out the balance.

I was very excited about this month long break of total freedom in time, no school no after school . All of the time in the world to work on the things that often get shoved to the side when other obligations come calling.  And in truth, I have rested well, and enjoyed the lack of pressure to complete anything. but it has also made me lazy in areas I wished to get caught up in.

Well, I am not going to make any promises of 3 posts a week.  I will be more consistent and care with this blog though. I don’t want to lose any followers or disappoint any authors. I will do better with the trust that I’ve been given.


Now I am going to go back to reading  The Fault in Our Stars and see what I can get into next.



Always Shine!


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