Review: The Execution by Dick Wolf

The Execution (Jeremy Fisk, #2)

The Execution by Dick Wolf 

  (Jeremy Fisk # 2)

January 7, 2014 – William Morrow

335 Pages- Adult, fiction, crime, series, terrorist

Source: The Publisher

I was given a copy of this book, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

From Goodreads:

NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk must make an uneasy ally – the disturbingly beautiful and assertive Mexican Intelligence Agency Detective Cecilia Garza. She recognizes the signature of assassin Chuparosa – a hummingbird carved on a corpse. After years of pursuit, she knows only that he is heading to Manhattan – with the rest of the world for UN Week. 

Ten days after the Mexican presidential election, 23 bodies were found beheaded on the US border, each carved by Chuparosa. Near New York, Rockaway has a mass murder. There is more to this threat than meets the eye — and justice is not always blind.

My Thoughts:

To be completely honest, I have been avoiding this review since I finished this book back in May.  I have written many drafts, but in the end I trash them. With the revelation of a major detail at the end of the book, my opinion completely changed. I have not found a way to dance around the issue, so it was much easier to say nothing. Up until the end, I was enjoying the book. It was a little repetitive, as chasing terrorists would be, and the mystery wasn’t all that mysterious. But it was still enjoyable. 

Though there was something about the first book that was definitely missing in the second book, I wasn’t too disappointed. And then the end came!  I am not sure if I will continue the series because my opinion and respect for Fisk has changed and not for the better. 

I will say that it is worth reading if you have already book 1 The Intercept. Since this is a series that I may not continue, that is all I can really say. 


Always Shine!


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