Where have I been?


I guess you may be wondering where I have been. Even if you  haven’t please pretend that you have been.

Well, I have been participating in Nanowrimo and that has pretty much taken a lot of my focus. But, I’ve also been preparing for the arrival of my new baby. So it’s been quite a bit of chaos. I have been reading, and have quite a few reviews to post.  Which, I’ll be scheduling in the next few days.  I plan on getting back on schedule this week.

I have not forgotten about you guys, so please don’t forget about me.

Currently Reading: 

Fun Reading –

I am working through all of the series that I am in the middle of and trying to complete them. Right now, since the new movie comes out this Friday, I am re-reading Catching Fire and will finish Mockingjay before I go see the movie Monday.

Books up for Review-

The book that I am reading for review is The Stag Lord by Darby Kaye. I will also be participating in the blog tour, so stop by December 1 for interview and review.

Always Shine!


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