Where in the world have you been?

I know I know I know.  I come here and I post a review or two and then I fall off again. Then I come back with a semi good excuse (sometimes not), and the cycle repeats. Well, this time I have an amazing and adorable excuse and no false promises. I gave birth to my handsome son on December 16, and have been adjusting to motherhood every since. I thought that I’d come home, maintain the house, catch up on reading and work on the sequel to my NANOWRIMO project as well as my blog. I have done none of that. I have spent the last month with my adorable son, falling in love with him more each day. I have been reading-not just books for him, but some for me. Mainly I have been focusing on completing series, books that I don’t necessarily have to review. I am slowly coming out my mommy cocoon and entering back into the world, with a new set of priorities. I will always have a love for reading and reviewing books. But I can’t say that I’m racing through stacks trying to make it to the end. Yes, I still get lost in books-especially if they are well written. But, I don’t have the abundance of available time (I stopped saying free time, because time is not free.) like I used to. So, I have to be selective with how I spend my time.  So the changes you will see on this blog are not much- posting will be more consistent. My plan is to post once a week, with the exception being tours and my diversity posts. Yes, I am going to get back into the diversity posts. Diversity has always been important to me, but more so now since my son is multiracial. I want him to grow up in a world that celebrates his differences instead of holding them against him.

So i leave you with this:

Check back next week for my tour post and review of Hound at the Gate by Darby Karchut.

And this:

Isn’t he handsome?

Oh, and in case you didn’t know January 24th is the first ever annual Readathon day from noon to 4pm. So if you can, #maketimetoread. Want more information about that or how to help raise money for the National Book Foundation, check out their website: http://nationalbook.org/2015_readathon.html#.VLfliCvF-So. 

Always Shine!


3 thoughts on “Where in the world have you been?

  1. Oh, Starr – he is indeed gorgeous, and the best excuse in the world for not doing anything except spending time with him. Enjoy these precious early days – they go by so fast. Congratulations and all good wishes!

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