Review: If Jack Had

If Jack Had

If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport

June 4, 2015- Black Rose Writing

214 pages -Adult, Fiction, Family, Crime

Source: Smith Publicity

I was given a copy of this title, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. 

From Goodreads: Jack, a journalist with a killer story.

This dark, ironic, tale of duality and dying, is a story of fathers and sons. If you love Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Elmore Leonard, this book will resonate. Jack is a New York Times journalist with a second job as a contract killer for the Russian Mob. “What’s the difference between a serial killer and an assassin? A pay check.” The events occur mainly in Manhattan, Miami, Tel Aviv, and Greece. The book begins at the end, with the protagonist preparing to kill his final victim; himself. It finishes where it began. In between there is sex, laughs, deaths. . . and a bit of incontinence.

My Thoughts:

This was an interesting idea of a story. It was on that took me a while to get into, and in the end I would say that this just wasn’t for me. But it did leave me curious. Jack leads a double life as an assassin and a journalist But the story is more about the family with sprinklings of stories about his job tossed in. I read the entire book, but have to admit it was more to finish the book than anything to do with the story.  it was an okay story, and maybe I would have enjoyed it a  bit more if it had not been so slow. The ending had the potential to be ironic and maybe even heartfelt, but it fell flat. If Jack is suffering from dementia, as we are told in the end he is, I would have liked to see evidence of that throughout the entire story. While this story isn’t for me, I am curious to check out what else Rappaport writes.

2 stars**

Always Shine!


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