Review: Otherworld Nights: an Anthology by Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld Nights: An Anthology

Otherworld Nights: and Anthology by Kelley Armstrong 

Otherworld Stories III

October 28,2014 – Plume

368 pages – Adult, fiction, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, urban fantasy, short stories

Facebook: yes

Twitter: @KelleyArmstrong

Source: Penguin First Reads

I was given a digital copy of this book, free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

To read what this book is about, check out the Goodreads summary here.

My Thoughts:

At this point in my reading relationship with Armstrong I am not going to comment on her writing skills. her words are like magic, transporting you  into whatever world she’s created and daring you not to enjoy it. Whenever that magic stops for me I’ll stop picking up her books. Until then I will enjoy every last book that she puts out.

As for this anthology and the short stories that it contains, they are amazing and awesome. All of them. My favorite characters have always been Clay and Elena, but I truly enjoyed getting to know the other characters a bit more. There’s really no point in discussing each story individually since I enjoyed them all and I can’t pick a favorite.

I will say that I am not sure if any of the stories give anything away, but  if you  haven’t checked out Kelley Armstong’s other works and want a taste, any of her anthologies are worth checking out.

5 stars *****

Always Shine!


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