Challenge Updates 11/29

I thought that it would be more efficient to just do a challenge update instead of posting them individually. My thoughts on the children’s books will be listed here, while my thoughts on the other challenge books may be posted in a separate post.

Challenge: The Kindle Project 

I was able to get my Kindle up and running long enough to read a couple of books.

Unholy Blue by Darby Kaye- this was for review, but I couldn’t wait. I will post my review closer to the release date, but I really enjoyed this one.

Dark Gift by Kate Douglas- I read about 15% of this title before I put it down. I will have a DNF review up soon. This was an old Netgalley title.

Challenge: Goodreads

Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 1 by QuinRose- currently reading

Challenge: 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten 

  1. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoople’s Ears by Verna Aardema: it was a funny story about why people react to mosquitoes the way that they do. My LO enjoyed it and I laughed at the end, as the mosquito gets what it deserves.
  2. Watch Out! Big Bro’s Coming by Jez Alborough- this was a cute one. It will be added to my LO’s collection.
  3. Goodnght Moon by Margaret Wise Brown- I have to admit that this was an alright book. I am not sure what the big fuss is about. My LO didn’t really pay much attention to this story.
  4. No David! by David Shannon- I could simply change the name from David to my LO’s name and I know exactly how this mom feels. He’s still little but already a handful. No surprise, my LO liked this one.
  5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – Another one that has a big fuss surrounding it. Again, it was okay for me. My LO listened to it, but he enjoyed watching the movie more than he enjoyed listening to the story.

Challenge: 1001 Children’s  Books to Read Before Growing Up 

  1. Pat th Bunny Dorothy Kunhardt – Umm this was book that was a bit more fragile than I anticipated. My LO enjoyed feeling the different items but he wasn’t much interested in sitting around while doing so.
  2. The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown- I had not heard of this story before this challenge, but it is one that has become my favorite so far. My LO also enjoyed this one, so it will be added to his collection.
  3. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Well, that’s all of the challenges that I (or we) made it through this week. How did you do on your challenges?



Always Shine!


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