2016 Goals and January Focus Pile


I always seem to be able to find good books and even deals on books. I shop around at BAM, at their sales and their bargain piles. I also shop at  Half Price.  But that has only caused my bookshelves to expand. As far as reviewing, I always feel honored when someone reaches out to me to ask for me to review a book. Or I feel lucky when I get approved for a review books on Edelweiss and Netgalley. But, this has only caused my reviews stacks to grow and grow and grow.  So, as I was debating on what I wanted to focus on in 2016, I knew that I had to narrow my focus and be realistic.  At first, I thought that I could focus my buying by reading through the series that I’ve collected and only buying for what I needed. I started looking through my series and realized a couple of things. I have very few series by the authors that I love. I mean, I may have a few books here and there but I don’t have their whole cannon. And if I love them so much, I should have all of their works. It’s a way to put my money where my mouth is. And to be completely honest, my favorite authors are ones that I truly do read over and over again, so it’s easier if I have their books.

The second thing that I noticed was that I bought a lot of first books in a series as placeholders, to remind myself that I wanted to read it. Yea yead I know already, because I bought it and forgot it. So I decided that before I add more to my collection, I needed to clean up what I have.

So I have three (3) reading goals for 2016:

  1. Read and clean up the assortment of books on my bookshelves (including books that are boxed up)
  2. Read and clean up my review stacks.
  3. Catch up on series that I’ve already started

My Blogging goals are:

  1. Post a review once a week
  2. Post a monthly recap by the 3rd of the following month
  3. Post a monthly focus (aka tbr) post

These goals are manageable for me, and anything extra will be considered a bonus.

While I still have a stack of library books to work through, they already fit into my goals! So here is what I will be focusing on in January.

Monsters (Ashes Trilogy, #3)

Review: Edelweiss

Congo Dawn

Review: Tyndale

A Mad Zombie Party (White Rabbit Chronicles, #4)

Final book in White Rabbit Chronicles

Carpe Demon (Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, #1)

Bookshelf Read

While there are a couple of books that I would like to get to, these are the four that I will be focusing on. Depending on my schedule and reading speed, I may get to the rest.

2015 was sporadic with my as I was loving and enjoying the first year as a new mom. I think that I have the hang of it and will be better with my time management. But, if not he is my first priority so if he’s happy I’m happy.

Always Shine!


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