From the Editor’s Desk 1/26: Changes that are coming

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Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in and talk about some things that I am thinking of changing here on the blog. As you all know, I love to read just about everything. But I need to focus things to make my life easier, and to cull through all of the books that are available for review or that show up with a request for me to review. This has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and it’s time to put it in writing.

Changing the Focus:

I will be changing the focus for this blog. My goal is to focus only on science fiction/fantasy and mystery/thrillers.  While it will mostly focus on adult genres, I will occasionally post reviews for YA/MG titles as I see fit. If I previously read and enjoyed a particular author, chances are high that their books will continue to be reviewed here.  For review books that I already have but do not fit into this category, those reviews will be posted on my Goodreads and retail sites, but may not necessarily be found here.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with YA/MG, I am in fact finding titles that I love. But I think that there are enough blogs out there that already focus on YA/MG that mine is not needed as much.  At the end of the year last year, I stated that I wanted to read deeper and not widely. There will always be books that I want to read but don’t get to. There will always be books that I read but never write a review for.  Changing the focus, helps me to read deeper and not feel bad about the books that I don’t get to or review. It takes me out of the rabbit race altogether.

A New Way to Review Series:

I hate repeating myself. A LOT. And I find that I do that often when I am reading a series. So I will be doing a series review instead of reviewing individually, unless I have a specific review. The only book that will be individually reviewed will be the first book of the series, which will determine whether or not I continue with it or let it go. Most of you all are aware of my Book OCD, the need to read the series in order. I will try to do this, as much as possible. But for review books, especially, I am going to try to just read the book I have for review and use that as a basis of whether or not I continue with the series. I will also be changing the way that I read series, I will not be jumping from one to another and back again. I will only be reading 2-4 series at a time, until I am all caught up with them. What this means, is that I will read a series, that I’ve chosen to continue, in its entirety of books that are published and available. If I have to wait a year for the next book, I will review what I’ve read up until that point. The exception to this are series that I am reading as it is published (Iron Druid Chronicles), series that have more than 10 books available (Terry Brooks’ Shannara world. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files) and series that I am close to completing (Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series). Books that I have recieved for review will not be included in this, if it is something that I have all books in (I have quite a few complete trilogies for review) or if I am using the review book to determine whether or not I will continue with this series. And,  of course, series that do not fall into the new focus of this blog are exempt from this system as well.


What Series am I currently reading?

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews (a series I’ve always wanted to read)

Will Trent by Karin Slaughter (Bookshelf read)

*Updat: I DNF’d the first book in this series, and will not continue with it. Review to come soon.*

Quincy & Rainey by Lisa Gardner (Bookshelf Read)

The Others by Anne Bishop (Bookshelf Read)


Well, I think that’s all of the changes that I am going to be making. But, as things progress, shift and change I will let you  know. Tomorrow I will be doing a post about the books that I DNF’d so far, and sometime next week I will be doing my first 2016 monthly wrap up. In the meantime, Happy Reading!



Always Shine!



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