Cover Reveal: Shadow and Flame by Gail Z. Martin

I don’t do these often, but when I stumbled upon this, I had to. There are very few books that I pick up just because of the covers. I mean, yes, the covers attract my attention, but this series, I picked up or requested for review ONLY because of the covers.  I’m talking about The Ascendant Series by Gail Z. Martin.  I will probably wait for the fourth book to come out and then marathon the whole thing, as I am still playing catch up. Until then, feast your eyes on this beauty:


Shadow and Flame by Gail Z. Martin  (Click to go to Orbits’ Cover Launch page)

Ascendant Kingdoms #4

Other books in the series:

  Ice Forged (Ascendant Kingdoms, #1) Reign of Ash (Ascendant Kingdoms, #2)

War of Shadows (Ascendant Kingdoms, #3)

I am excited to get to this series, because the covers look amazing!

Always Shine!


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