Mini Review: Jack Gantos, Trinidad Giachino and Kate Douglas

Dead End in Norvelt

Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos 

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My Thoughts:  I really liked this and I hadn’t expected to, if I am being honest. It was recommended to me by a school librarian, and I will have to thank her. It was funny, history was smoothly integrated and it was relateable. It is something that I would put in a personal or classroom library.

4 stars **** 

(un)DEAD (Detective Saussure Mysteries)

(UN)Dead by Trinidad Giachino 

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Personal Review Request

My thoughts:  Normally, I force myself to finish review books completely. Especially if the author has reached out to me personally. But there are some books and some times where I can’t.  I made it to 40% of this book, and I still didn’t care one way or the other about Detective Saussere or his client  Lord Hugh. Though this appears to be relatively short, it was difficult to get into. Almost halfway into the book and the only thing I know for sure is that Detective Saussere is trying to figure out why Lord Hugh won’t die. Even Lord Hugh has no idea what made him the way that he is. I am calling foul and moving on.


Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild, #1)

Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas

Spirit Wild #1

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My Thoughts:  I’ve had this title for a while and finally got to it as part of my kindle clean up challenge. I only read 15% before I called it quits. Dark Wolf appears to be a spin-off from one of Douglas’ earlier series. No, it doesn’t seem as if you have to read one before the other. You’re just missing a bit of history and understanding of what the Chanku are. I chose not to go any further with this story because it falls more on the erotic side of romance. Too much heat and arousal and not enough story for my taste.


**Some, or all, books may be review books. Review books are given to me, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. **

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