Review: Life Just Got Real by Sadie Robertson

Life Just Got Real

Life Just Got  Real by Sadie Robertson with Cindy Coloma

Live Original Fiction

Life is about change. That’s what my father used to say, as we’d stand on the edge of the bayou, fishing poles in hand. ” Life is like the water in that stream, always rushing past, always moving, different moment to moment.”

 AJ’s life has been one big change after the other. Two years ago she lost her dad. now she has moved from Louisiana to Nashville and she will be starting a new school that seems nothing like her. To top it off, she just found out that her mom is engaged to a new man. But this is all just the beginning.

Kate Kelly appears to have everything going for her. She is the head cheerleader, student body president, maintains a 4.0 GPA and appears to be dating one of the most sought after guys at Westmont High. She is also being considered for the new reality tv show  Real Life. But things are about to change for her in ways that she never imagined.

I like this book. When I requested this I wasn’t sure how much I would like it. To be completely honest, I just wanted to see what Sadie Robertson could do, I am a fan of the show. I don’t want to build this up as the next best thing since chocolate, but it was a really good read. One of my favorite things about it was that this was not just another contemporary. It’s not just a safe Christian read that you can give to your kid and move. It has deep, in the story as well as with the characters.  While other stories may chronicle the journey of someone going from outsider to insider, this story chronicles the journey of someone being who they truly are wherever they are. It was a light read, but it wasn’t fluffy. There were some deep questions that were explored and some satisfying answers discovered. Most of the characters were funny and had more going on with them then what was presented to the outside world. There were a couple of side characters that were transparent in their one-dimensional roles, but this was a minor flaw. While I hope that Robertson continues with the Live Original Fiction brand, I would be okay with leaving AJ and Kate’s story right here.

“I think life just got real” I say to AJ with a laugh.

Always Shine!

Life Just Got Real  is now available!  You can find Sadie Robertson on twitterinstagram, and her website !

My opinions and thoughts are my own, though I was given a book, free, in exchange for a review. Thank you Howard Books!


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