Review: Almost Like Being in Love by Beth Vogt

Almost Like Being in Love (Destination Wedding #2)

Almost Like Being in Love by Beth K. Vogt 

Destination Weddings #2

A new day -another opportunity to prover herself to her boss. of course, Caron had complicated th whole “prove herself” challenge by working for her father.

The first two sentences tell you what the challenge is going to be right from the beginning. But, it goes deeper than just Caron working for her father.  What I found to be hilarious, yes I did laugh at this, was the fact that everyone seems to think working for her dad was a bad idea to begin with. When Caron quits, pretty much everyone is like “it’s about time”. She is shocked by this reaction and splutters trying to defend her choice to work at the family realty company.  The only person who wants her to try to get her job back is her long-term boyfriend, Alex.  This, amongst other things, keeps their relationship off-kilter. Caron takes her friend, Margo, up on the offer to come visit. While helping Margo prepare for her wedding, Caron wins an all expenses paid wedding. Which is awkward since she and Alex aren’t yet engaged.

An opportunity arises for Caron to develop a skill that slowly develops into a business idea. The catch is that she will be working with her ex-boyfriend. Something else that stands in that keeps her relationship with Alex off balance.  This story was more than just about how two people come together and fall in love. It’s about being honest with oneself and those that we love, and not just about who you choose to spend the rest of your life with. It’s about finding the strength to stand on your own and walk your own path. It’s about the choices that we all have to make in real life.

I enjoyed this story, it was deep but a little fluffy. I knew from the beginning that there would be a happily ever after, but I still enjoyed the journey to get there. What I enjoyed the most was the upfront faith that the characters had, and while they may have been struggling, they were still honest about it.  I also enjoyed that the humor that was found in the pages did not come from miscommunication (that is such an overdone trope). Will you be surprised by how the story ends? No, but your heart will be warmer and lighter. You will be left with a smile on your face.

3.5 stars

But hidden within these moments was a glimpse of the future and what might come, given time and prayer and choosing to love.

Thanks to Howard Books for giving me a free, copy to review.

Though this is a review copy, all of the opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

Almost Like Being in Love will be available June 28, 2016. 

Be sure to check out Beth Vogt’s websiteFacebooktwitter and instagram to find out about the author and her other books

Always Shine!


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