Review: Finn’s Choice by Darby Karchut

Finn's Choice  (The Adventures of Finn MacCullen, #4)

Finn’s Choice by Darby Karchut 

The Adventures of Finn MacCullen #4

The problem with being an immortal Celtic warrior – okay, an apprentice immortal Celtic warrior – is that fate has a long time to mess with me. In a bad way. Ol’ fate has sure been having some fun with me lately.

I won’t go over, again, how  much of a fan I am of Karchut’s. Yes, I am biased. Yes, she is one of my D.E.A.R. authors.

Ok, this is the 5th time that I have attempted to write this review. I am stuck between gushing over it and trying to be impartial. if you  have been following me for a while, you  know that I am a huge fan of Karchut, and that I have yet to be disappointed by anything of hers that I’ve read. And at this point, I believe that I have read everything that is available.

This is the final book in The Adventures of Finn MacCullen series. This time, Finn is facing his biggest challenge. In the other books, it was more about saving the world or at least other people. This time around it is just about Finn, and saving him from an uncertain future and losing everything that he has grown to love. There are special cameos that made my heart smile.

I loved this book! Despite it being the final book, I think this is my favorite. Things didn’t end the way that I expected. There was no secret catch behind the challenges. Finn’s choice revealed so much more about him than I was expecting.  While everything was wrapped up nicely, there was also a glimpse into what was to come for Finn and Gideon that ultimately let my heart rest.  This is a series that I will reread for the pleasure of it, but it is also one that I will love sharing with my son and my nephew and anyone else that I can force to sit down and read it.

If you  have not started this series, I highly recommend it. And if you have but are waiting on this book, I say go get it now and read it tonight.

5  Stars

“Oh, no doubt. Perhaps even more. But, the day will come sooner than you think, when you will no longer be an apprentice. You’ll be a knight, with the occasional apprentice to train, and maybe even a family of your own.” Gideon sighed. “Ye gods.”

Always Shine!

A copy of this book was given to me, free. in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Finn’s Choice is currently available.

For more about the author, check out her website, Facebook and Twitter.


One thought on “Review: Finn’s Choice by Darby Karchut

  1. “This is a series that I will reread for the pleasure of it…” You don’t know how much this statement means to me. Really and truly. Thank you, dear Starr, for being part of Finn’s and Gideon’s adventures. They will miss you.

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