Review: Friend Me by John Faubion

Friend Me

Friend Me By John Faubion

Melissa Montalvo folded her hands on her lap and stared across the table art her final interviewer.

Scott and Rachel are a married couple that has grown more than complacent in their relationship., Scott is a financial investor is facing a predicament that is putting a lot more pressure than he is used to. Perhaps, more than he can bare. Rachel is a stay at home mom for their two kids. She is longing for adult interaction and has growing doubts about Scott and his love for her. Enter Melissa and This is a techno company that has developed software that will allow people to create a virtual that is essentially real in every aspect except for physical bodies.  Rachel decides to recreate a virtual friend with the personality of her dead friend Suzanne. When the pressure begins to get to be too much for Scott at work, he creates a friend Alicia. Through backdoor programming, Melissa is looking for the person that is her perfect match. That programming matches her with Scott. She sees him being married as a mild stepping stone, especially when Scott has gone further astray then he thought it was possible.

Okay, I am just going to say it. This book is twisted. From the very beginning. There really isn’t a build up before we see just how crazy Melissa is. And then Faubion just keeps it going. I enjoyed this not just because it was about her killing/stalking habits. It examines an average marriage and how easy it is to become complacent in it.  Don’t get me wrong, Melissa setting her sights on Scorr didn’t help the marriage. But Scott and Rachel’s relationship had issues, the first and most obvious one was lack of communication. Scott didn’t tell Rachel that he loved her and he didn’t talk to her about what was going on at work. And despite the popular opinion, it wasn’t because he thought she was too dumb to understand or that he was falling out of love with her. He felt that he was failing Rachel as a husband and wanted to protect her. Rachel, on the same hand, thought that she was failing him as a wife.  Both come to the realization, almost too late, that their marriage was something worth fighting for.

I am going to point out something that may be overlooked in all of the action. I am not making an excuse or even saying that it was alright. But Scott was a decent guy. He made a virtual friend, not  in the hopes of replacing his wife or even to get some side action. It was a way to relieve the stress and pressure of his job. He did this with the understanding that the virtual friend was not software that had human behind it. Alicia was supposed to be virtual in every single way. Thankfully Melissa’s crazy pulled him out of the rabbit hole before he went irreversibly too far.  But isn’t that how it always start? When someone pulls up some porn, it’s not to replace their significant other. When a married person finds themselves alone with a coworker/church member/friend of the opposite sex, it’s not always because they sought that person out. It is very easy to fall down the emotional rabbit hole, unless a couple is conscious of the pitfalls and actively put up safeguards. And this is a lesson that Scott and Rachel learn when they decide that they are going to fight for their marriage and do everything that they can to protect their family.

Was it all believable? No, there were some things that were a bit of a stretch. But this story was realistic. And it happens in some form, maybe without the life and death drama, all too frequently.

3 stars 

Once again, as it had years before, Scott’s heart thrilled in the knowledge that this real and wonderful girl was his wife.

A copy of this book was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Always Shine! 

Friend Me is currently available!

If you want to know more about John Faubion or his books, check out his website,


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