Review: Black Friday by William W. Johnstone

Black Friday

Black Friday by William A. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone 

Tobey Lanning didn’t know what was worse about IRaq; the heat, the sand, the bugs . . .Or the people trying to kill him.

Johnstone writes a thriller that plays on the fear of most, if not every, American. Whether it is a conscious fear or one that lays beneath the surface.  It is the day of Thanksgiving, a day known as Black Friday, a day that is almost a holiday in and of itself. People go to the mall for various reason, but all in the search of a huge deal. It is such a common day, that people go about their shopping or their jobs without much thought. Until a bomb goes off and gunshots are heard. Most comply out of fear. But a few take a stand.

I forgot where I heard about this book. It could have been a magazine or a random blog post, I am not sure. But the premise immediately grabbed me and I requested it from the library. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went in hopeful. I really enjoyed this book.

This is story that is told from various point of views. You get to see the background of pretty much all of the main players, and how they came to be at the mall. Because of this, the first half of the book is really just leading up to the moment where the attack starts. It does get a little confusing when you are reading the same event from multiple point of views. But ultimately that is a bonus because it draws you in and you find yourself cheering for the good guys. Towards the end where the attack really hits hard, I found myself screaming out loud. I noticed that at some point I went from a casual interest in the characters and their survival to being deeply concerned.  Another thing that I really appreciated with this book is that innocent people died, a big chunk of the good guys who decided to take a stand still died.  Yes, it would have been a feel good story if the characters who went on the offensive against the terrorist all survived and lived happily ever after. But that would have made this a less authentic story. In reality, just because you make a stand against something/someone it doesn’t mean you are going to live to tell the tale. Sometimes the only thing that you can hope for is that your death allows someone else to live.

I definitely recommend this book.

4 Stars 

Somebody outside closed the ambulance doors, and a moment later it pulled away, detaching itself from the sea of flashing lights around the mall. A few tendrils of smoke still rose here and there from the sprawling building, but they were soon lost in the late November sky

Black Friday is currently available!

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