Adult Thriller Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eye by Sarah Pinborough

Source: Contest win

Purpose: Review, personal choice

5 stars

This is the story of a twisted love triangle. That is the easiest way to describe this book without giving anything away. Adele and David are new to town. David, a psychiatrist, joins the office where Louise works. The more that Louise learns about David and Adele, the more she realizes that she doesn’t know.

And that makes for a mind twisting adventure for the reader. This is not an action-packed story, but it is one that compels you to keep reading. I slowed my normal reading pace almost immediately after starting this book; I knew that this was going to be like nothing I had read before. Thought Adele, David and Louise are three major players, the book is told in alternating timelines, as well as alternating viewpoints.  With Adele, you are given glimpses of her life before and her life presently. But you also get to read from Louise’s perspective as she is entrapped in the mystery of David and Adele. To be honest, her involvement and the fall-out from it was genuinely her own fault.  There were quite a few moments where she could have walked away, starting at the very beginning. But no, she just couldn’t let it go.

That is about all I can comfortably say without giving anything away. Follow the breadcrumbs that are left along the pages and you will reach the truth of the story a step or two before Louise, but it may be too late.

The ending makes absolutely perfect sense, but it is such a mind-blowing ending that I was left wondering how I could have missed such a natural conclusion. I enjoyed the story, and the experience of reading it. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, but especially if you like psychological thrillers, or twisted love.

Always Shine!


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