My Bookish Life:Why it Sucks to Take a Two-Year Old to the Library

This is a new feature that I will be adding to my blog. Some of it will be about books and others will be bookish. This is a glimpse behind the curtain of my bookish life. 

                I remember when I was pregnant with my first child. Lots of people dream about the nursery colors, the smell that only comes from a fresh baby, the clothes that the baby will wear, or something else sweet and sentimental like that. Me? I was looking forward to discovering new books that I could read to my son. I was one of those people that read to my kid while he was snug in my belly. Little did I know that my belly would be the only place where he would be a captivated reader. The day came when he made his debut and I was beyond excited. He is the cutest little thing in the world. I was so excited when we finally started making trips outside the house. One of the first stops was to the library. I even have a picture of him with our favorite librarian, when he checked out his first book with his first library card (he was 5/6 months old).  Fast Forward 2 years and let me tell you, it’s not the same.  In fact, I would say that it comes close to horrible. Don’t get me wrong, we still go the library, just not as frequently as I had anticipated when he was itty bitty. I thought that we would be one of those families that went to the library, pick out a few picture books to read at one of the little tables in the children’s area. Instead of that cute little image, I’m the mom with the monster 2-year-old. He is not mean, he knows how to treat books respectfully. But, he is rough and wild, he is play all the time. I love him! He wears me out, but it’s always fun. Or at least interesting. Now that we have another baby, it is even more horrible trying to do library trips. In his defense, the library branch closest to our home is small. Except for our favorite librarian, most of the librarians are not so fun. Oh, they understand that he is 2, but I still get the side eye, the look wondering what I was thinking trying to bring a wild beast into the library. There is another librarian that has become our friend, so that makes two people that are always excited to see us with all our noise and stomping, our whining and desire to be free. When I say “our” I really mean his. His little sister has not gotten big enough to join in his shenanigans. Oh, but her time is coming. I can feel it with dread in my bones. And in case you’re curious, I’m not embarrassed. He’s 2. I believe he’s supposed to be loud and wild, curious and self-absorbed. It’s not as bad as the teens in their area being loud and obnoxious. But I’m the one who gets the side-eye, so I’m the one making the commentary. And yes, this branch has children programming, that we don’t participate in, because, again a wild 2-year- old. But yesterday, our world was opened up to a brand new experience.  We visited a branch that is a bit further from our house, and he was still his monstrous self. But, and this is the important part, they had a play area. Yes, they had a stupid sign requesting the kids to be quiet. But he’s 2, he’s loud and wild. It’s really their own fault for putting this in the building.  He was amazed with the different activities and the little bit of freedom that the area allowed him to have. While I read Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler to his little sister, my son ran from one activity to the next. Running in and out of cubbies; from one activity to the next.  He would occasionally stick his head out to make sure I was seeing this tiny slip of heaven, and then return to the next adventure. But eventually it was time to leave, and I won’t mention the screams coming from a 2 year-old who is forced to leave his adventure zone. But I will mention that two librarians, whom we did not know, who smiled at us and invited us to come back. And they were genuine! And I will also mention that when I was reading baby bear counts one by Ashley Wolf, he interrupted me so that he could go find his black bear stuffed animal. He took the book from my hands and flipped the pages so that his bear could see the pictures as he read him the story. So maybe taking a monster 2-year old isn’t all that bad.


Always Shine!


2 thoughts on “My Bookish Life:Why it Sucks to Take a Two-Year Old to the Library

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I, too, have had the experience of taking a two-year-old into a library and a bank and yes–it makes for an interesting, unforgettable experience! I applaud your courage in the face of mini-monsters!

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