Review: Pinned by Sharon G. Flake


Pinned by Sharon G. Flake

October 1, 2012 – Scholastic Press

Source: Personal Collection

Purpose: #offmybookshelf, #blackwritersmatter

4 stars

Autumn is the only girl on the wrestling team.  She is a super star on the mats but failing in the classroom. Adonis is the team manager and an exceptional student. But, he was born without legs. If I had to describe the book with one word it would be real.  The writing had a nice rhythm. The characters were distinct and relatable. Adonis was a bit conceited, but still understandable.  Both of the characters have their own issues that they need to work through. Autumn and Adonis are both soaring in one area and struggling in others. Autumn’s issues stems from her inability to read. This is due to the fact that her parents were always moving around during her educational foundation years, and they didn’t really care.  So it doesn’t appear that she is dealing with a disability. But Adonis is living with a physical disability. He is accepting of it, but overcompensates by attempting to be perfect in every area of his life. Flake handles both of these issues realistically and respectfully, as far as I can tell from an outsider’s perspective. This was a pretty quick read but it was packed with  so much.



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