Summer Goals Check In

Yes I know that I keep switching from monthly to quarterly and now seasonally. I’ll get it together one day. Let’s just see how I did. I enjoyed most of what I read, so I’m happy about that.

The Goals I Aimed For:

#offmybookshelf –21


Complete a Series –3

Awards/List — All of the Nebula Nominees  —

Black Writers Matter–6

This is How I Did and the Stats:

Books Read –>68

Audio –>5

Print –>38

Digital –>25


Library –> 16

#offmybookshelf –>28 (Yay!)

#kindlecleanup –> 4 (I’m working on it)

Series Completed –> 3 (Yay!)

Series DNF’d –> 2

Black Writers Matter–> 6 (Yay!)

Awards/List –> I have finished reading all of the Nebula Nominess except for 2.

I will be doing a separate post about the Awards/List books that I have read, mainly because I am changing the awards that I’m reading and the way that I am doing it. But I am completely happy with this number. I plan on reading the other 2 nominees this month, so I am not too far from completing this goal.

Goals for the Rest of the Year:

#offmybookshelf –> 30

#kindlecleanup –>8

Series –>5

Awards/List –> 8

Black Writers Matter –> 6

Upcoming Posts:

Awards/List Reading Check-In

Favorites of the Summer

Featured Review #1

Always Shine!





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