So Far …. February part 2

Okay, so I thought that Saturdays would be the best day to post these updates. And as it is so appears, I was wrong. I will keep doing them, but they won’t be labeled as Saturday.  Anyway… this is what I have read the rest of February:

Justice Delayed (Memphis Cold Case #1)

Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley 

Memphis Cold Case #1

Purpose: Revell Reads Review Program

2.5 Stars

Full Review on Blog

Merlin's Nightmare (The Merlin Spiral #3)

Merlin’s Nightmare by Robert Treskillard 

The Merlin Spiral #3

Purpose: Booklook Review Program

5 stars

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Wild Born by Brandon Mull

Spirit Animals #1

Purpose: Read to Peanut

5 Stars

This was my second attempt at this book. The first time I stopped almost halfway into it. But, I think the problem was that I wasn’t reading it to my son on a consistent basis.  But the second time around we both enjoyed it.  Just when you wanted a bit of a pick me up in the story is when the anticipated action takes place.  Perfect timing. I am so glad that we stuck with it, and that we already have the second book to start. My only complaint is that there isn’t a true ending. The first set of challenges and obstacles are dealt with or overcome, but the adventure is just beginning.

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris 

Sookie Stackhouse #12

Purpose: Complete a Series

4 Stars

I have to admit that this one was a lot better than the last one. At this point, I can’t really guess what the final book is going to be like. I think Sookie is finally growing in this book. She’s less whiny and annoying in this one at least.

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, #9)

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews 

Kate Daniels #9

Purpose: Complete a series

5 stars

I am so glad to be back in this world! Kate Daniels is my hero.  In this one, Kate learns more about herself and her father. She also faces one of the biggest challenges yet. Without giving anything away, I can say that all of the action, high stakes adventure and sass and sarcasm that one has come to expect from a Kate Daniels novel is all there, but there is so much more.

Always Shine!


So Far Saturday….Jan 14

I wanted to do my monthly wrap-ups differently. I debated on doing a weekly recap at the time that I do my Friday Reads, but I didn’t really want to make that post any longer than it had to be. So I am going to try doing it this way, maybe every other Saturday check in to let you all know what I’ve read so far. Let me know what you think or if you have a better suggestion. And then at the end of the month, I will do a monthly overview of everything that I read.

Arrows of the Queen (Heralds of Valdemar, #1)

Arrows of the Queen (The Heralds of Valdemar #1) by Mercedes Lackey 

Purpose: 100 Best Women of Science Fiction and Fantasy challenge

5 Stars 

Review will be posted on blog.

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, #8)

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse # 8) by Charlaine Harris 

Purpose: Complete a series

4 Stars

This is the 8th book in the series, so there’s not a whole lot that I can say without spoiling things. I will be doing a full series review, when I am finished. I did enjoy this installment, but I wasn’t too sure about it in the beginning. Once the action started, I did become even more invested in the story. A lot of things happen in this story, this was full of major transitions. Sookie seems to be emotionally invested in every single person that she meets and gets to know, and that is tiring. I was emotionally wore out before I even finished the book.  The discovery at the end!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer 

Purpose: K& S’s Bookclub

2 Stars 

That was the dumbest ending I’ve ever read! I wanted to like this book, but I didn’t. The big secret that wasn’t revealed until the ending? I figured it out within the first quarter of the book. It took 214 pages for the story to get sort of interesting . It took about 350 pages for me to become invested in the characters, and by then I really didn’t care. It simply took too long, especially when the book is 387 pages!

Clementine for Christmas

Clementine for Christmas by Daphne Benedis=Grab

Purpose: Read to Peanut, Seasonal. #offmybookshelf

This was a Christmas book that I read with my son. We enjoyed, it was a cute Christmas-y story. I read The Angel Tree last year and loved it, so I think  Daphne Benedis-Grab will be a holiday tradition for us.


Home by Ginny L. Yttrup 

Purpose: PW Review

Horizon (Horizon, #1)

Horizon (Horizon #1) by Scott Westerfeld 

Purpose: Review thanks to Edelweiss and Scholastic

3.75 stars 

Full review will be posted on blog.

Well, these are all of the books that I’ve read so far this month. What are you reading?

Always Shine!