So Far …. February part 2

Okay, so I thought that Saturdays would be the best day to post these updates. And as it is so appears, I was wrong. I will keep doing them, but they won’t be labeled as Saturday.  Anyway… this is what I have read the rest of February:

Justice Delayed (Memphis Cold Case #1)

Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley 

Memphis Cold Case #1

Purpose: Revell Reads Review Program

2.5 Stars

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Merlin's Nightmare (The Merlin Spiral #3)

Merlin’s Nightmare by Robert Treskillard 

The Merlin Spiral #3

Purpose: Booklook Review Program

5 stars

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Wild Born by Brandon Mull

Spirit Animals #1

Purpose: Read to Peanut

5 Stars

This was my second attempt at this book. The first time I stopped almost halfway into it. But, I think the problem was that I wasn’t reading it to my son on a consistent basis.  But the second time around we both enjoyed it.  Just when you wanted a bit of a pick me up in the story is when the anticipated action takes place.  Perfect timing. I am so glad that we stuck with it, and that we already have the second book to start. My only complaint is that there isn’t a true ending. The first set of challenges and obstacles are dealt with or overcome, but the adventure is just beginning.

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris 

Sookie Stackhouse #12

Purpose: Complete a Series

4 Stars

I have to admit that this one was a lot better than the last one. At this point, I can’t really guess what the final book is going to be like. I think Sookie is finally growing in this book. She’s less whiny and annoying in this one at least.

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, #9)

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews 

Kate Daniels #9

Purpose: Complete a series

5 stars

I am so glad to be back in this world! Kate Daniels is my hero.  In this one, Kate learns more about herself and her father. She also faces one of the biggest challenges yet. Without giving anything away, I can say that all of the action, high stakes adventure and sass and sarcasm that one has come to expect from a Kate Daniels novel is all there, but there is so much more.

Always Shine!


Friday Reads 2/17

I didn’t do a Friday’s reads post last week because my reading went off the tracks. I picked up a couple of books but then she’d them . This week has been better.


Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley

This is a review book that I received from Revell Reads. I am about half way into it so I plan on finishing it by tomorrow. The Fu review will be posted on Monday.


Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

I plan to catch up on this series this weekend. This is the last published book, it info believe that there is another one due out sometime this year.

This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel

This is a book I’ve had for  a while. I am reading through my bookshelves and deciding whether or not I want to keep or regime certain books. Though this is a year long project, I want to spend more time on then I have been.

Army Brats by Daphne Benedis-Grab

I, and my son, have enjoyed the last couple of books by this author. So when I heard she had a new box coming, I contacted her publicist to request and ARC. I am really looking forward to reading this. The full review will be posted on February 27th.

So what are you reading?

Always Shine!

Friday Reads 11/04


Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels #7

First my apologies, I’m having internet issues so this post is being done on my phone.

This is the book that I am reading this weekend. I like this series more and more with every book thatch read. with this one, everything is at stake. Kate will now see that she is stronger than she thinks or not strong enough.  I highly recommend this series.

If by chance I finish this book before Monday, I will finish reading Ancillary Justice. (I am almost finished with it, but needed to to take a break from it.)

Always Shine!

Review: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews (1)

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1)

Magiv Bites by Ilona Andrews 

Kate Daniels #1

April 1, 2007 – Ace

260 Pages – Adult, Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Series


Faceboook: yes

Twitter: @ilona_andrews

Source: Library Book

From Goodreads: Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for magic…
One moment magic dominates, and cars stall and guns fail. The next, technology takes over and the defensive spells no longer protect your house from monsters. Here skyscrapers topple under onslaught of magic; werebears and werehyenas prowl through the ruined streets; and the Masters of the Dead, necromancers driven by their thirst of knowledge and wealth, pilot blood-crazed vampires with their minds.
In this world lives Kate Daniels. Kate likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth. The magic in her blood makes her a target, and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight.
But when Kate’s guardian is murdered, she must choose to do nothing and remain safe or to pursue his preternatural killer. Hiding is easy, but the right choice is rarely easy…

My Thoughts: I am so very glad that I brought in the new year with this book. I stayed up much later than I had planned simply because I could not put this book down. This is a series that I’ve wanted to start for a very long time. The more that I read, the more that I liked Kate. There is a mystery behind her, but meeting her here at this time in her life seems right. She is coming into her own. Since she is used to working on her own and hiding who she is, this is going to be a bumpy growing journey. Even more so, because she is aware of the danger that it brings to her. Her strength, the hidden one not the one that is often displayed, is the other thing that I like about her. I didn’t like Crest, he appeared too eager in a creepy hidden motive kind of way. But Curran, the Beast lord himself! I liked him and I can’t wait to see more interactions between him and Kate. On the one hand, it sounds like a good idea, the push each other’s buttons a lot. But on the other hand, pushing each other’s buttons seems like dangerous territory. We shall see.

4 stars ****

Always Shine!